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While the critics get critical I will analyze and get analyticial

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    The Negatives – Vision

    Posted on February 17, 2012 by in The Negatives

    As reported in the offseason, Pablo Sandoval had LASIK eye surgery performed on his left eye. At separate times in his career he has worn corrective goggles, contacts in one or both eyes and even nothing at all. How important are Pablo’s eyes to his hitting? Is this negative aspect of Pablo’s body responsible for […]

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    The Negatives – Overweight

    Posted on February 8, 2012 by in The Negatives

      Is Pablo Sandoval overweight again? According Giants skipper Bruce Bochy he is. If you haven’t yet, please read this article by Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle. A great little piece with little nuggets of information for me play detective and read in between the lines. Is Pablo simply trimming the fat and […]

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