• SF Giants CEO Larry Baer talks about the franchise, Matt Cain and answers my Panda question via SFG Live

    Posted on March 29, 2012 by in Channel 48 News

    At 1pm today, San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer spoke to Giants fans via SFG Live on the team’s website. He first addressed general questions about the state of the franchise before answering selected questions from fans via Twitter.

    He spoke in detail about enhancing the experience for fans that come to games. The new enhancements can be found here which Mr. Baer hopes will entice more fans to come to games and to improve on what was already the 3rd best home attendance in Major League Baseball last year. Ultimately the goals are to increase sales revenue, balance the books and field the best team they can afford.

    Now keep in mind that an overwhelming amount of the questions or remarks on Twitter were in regards to Matt Cain. Quite a few of those comments negatively viewed the ballpark enhancements preferring that the organization used that money for player salaries and especially for signing Cain. Mr. Baer basically stated that the Giants want to not only cultivate but keep their homegrown talent and that includes Cain. H wenton to say he feels Cain wants to remain a Giant and that the organization continues to work hard without “low-balling” their offer to him. Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area goes in to depth on the subject in his article here if you would like to read more.

    However any questions could be asked of Larry Baer via Twitter, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and get Larry’s thoughts on Pablo Sandoval.

    Hello Mr Baer, since Pablo Sandoval signed an extension this offseason how big are your expectations for him over the next 3 years? #SFGLive

    Larry Baer stated that Pablo “needs to continue on the same trajectory” and that “on the field he is lights out and an all-star” who he expects to be a “.300 hitter with 25 home runs and hit in the number three spot in the batting order”. He went on to praise the Panda for being “tremendous in the field” for playing an “important defensive position” on a team where good defense is vital to it’s success.

    The season is almost here and although we don’t know whether the enhancements will bring in more revenue, whether or not the Giants will sign Cain to an extension or whether the Panda will continue to be a rising star and meet the organization’s expectation of him but at least we know that the San Francisco Giants organization cares enough to hear what the fans are actually thinking and saying.

    Raul Rekow Jr.


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