• Pablo’s weight no longer an issue for Bochy. Was it ever one to begin with?

    Posted on February 19, 2012 by in Channel 48 News

    Did anyone else see this tweet by Janie McCauley, AP Sports Writer for Northern California? Giants manager Bruce Bochy was asked about Pablo Sandoval and his weight. It appears what some thought to be a rift has been settled in Bochy’s response.

    As first reported in Spanish in this article by Carlos Alberto Zambrano of LiderEnDeportes.com and then in English here by Craig Calcaterra of HardballTalk.NBCSports.com, Pablo seemed to be answering his critics. Amongst said critics of his weight was one Giankts skipper Bruce Bochy who had spoken out to the media as reported in this article by Giants beat writer Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle. Whether it was a plot by Bruce to goad the Panda into losing more weight before he reports to Spring Training or if it is just him reiterating what he and Pablo may have spoken about face to face previously, the intentions remain unknown.

    Either way, Pablo had harsh words for his critics but was he speaking directly to his skipper? I didn’t seem to think so as I had previously reported here. For Bochy it is no longer an issue and it appears I may have been right from the get go about this never being a problem. We will continue to watch and see how Spring Training plays out once Pablo reports to camp.

    Until then, Pablo is still working hard on his fielding with Giants minor league fielding instructor Jose Alguacil. This is the same instructor Pablo worked out with prior to 2011 which saw Pablo put a up a Gold Glove worthy year with 16 Rtot (Total Zone Fielding Runs Above Average). The Panda also filmed a Pespi commercial and found time for a TV appearance. If anyone saw Pablo Sandoval on “Titulares y mas” on Telemundo this past Friday night, Pablo looked both stylish and fit in his Armani t-shirt.

    Photo of Pablo Sandoval on Telemundo's "Titulares y Mas", Friday 2/18 as posted on Pablo's Twitter account @KFP48

    Check out Pablo’s Twitter account at @KFP48 to see some more pictures taken during the filming of the show.

    What do you all think of the Panda? Is he ready? Let me know your thoughts.

    by Raul Rekow Jr.


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  1. Behmen says:

    When Bochy put Rowand in the leadoff spot last year he ttarsed to give production the Giants were looking for. Renteria isn’t that fast, nor is he any good.I’m not sure, I wouldn’t mind if we were to claim him. The Giants should of looked into a legit leadoff guy earlier in the offseason like Chone Figgins.