• Sandoval wants to shut Bochy’s mouth? I don’t think so

    Posted on February 13, 2012 by in Channel 48 News

    As first reported in Spanish:
    Sandoval: “No me interesa lo que digan”
    Pablo Sandoval responde a su mánager Bochy, quien dijo haberlo visto con sobrepeso
    by Carlos Alberto Zambrano of www.liderendeports.com

    Then later on in English
    Pablo Sandoval on weight critics: “I’ll shut their mouths when spring training begins”
    by Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk

    I think someone is trying to make news about a rift between player and skipper that just isn’t there. In my opinion, after reading this in both Spanish and English I see this as nothing more than Pablo Sandoval answering his critics in general and not a direct response to Bochy. There has definitely been some goading and Bochy is one of his critics but does Bochy care about Pablo’s response in the media? If Bochy had the choice between having a Panda play miserably like he did in 2010 or stellar like he did in 2009 or 2011 and the only sure way to get the better version was to be told to “shut your mouth” then the decision is easy. Bochy may have been talking about Pablo’s weight to the media for the sake of stoking a little flame under Pablo or maybe he was just reiterating what he and the Panda had already discussed face to face. The truth is we just don’t know, so why read into it.

    This has seemed to be the offseason of bashing heavy ballplayers and as I explain in The Negatives – Overweight it may not be as big a problem as people are making it to be.

    Regardless of motives or who was talking to who, the Panda has a fire burning inside right now. As long as he uses it to motivate and then goes back to having boyish fun once the season has begun, it will be a good year for him, Bochy and the entire team.

    by Raul Rekow Jr.


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  1. You mean rent-a-wreck is still in the league? Maybe they want a lead-off httier who can get on base. Speed doesn’t mean jack if you can’t get on base. Speed doesn’t mean squat if your OBP is .307. Also, it’s been about half a decade since he even got to double digits in stolen bases.